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  • Flores and Komodo Islands are known to the world as a very exotic and magnificent place providing tourists an experienced of a life time. EMANUEL TOURISM & TRANSPORT offering affordable packages starting 4D/3N to 9D/9N. We are a legal company with a permit to conduct tourism and transporting business granted by the Indonesian Goverment in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Any package you choose will be the most comfortable trip you will ever take. Our goal is to continuously strive to exceed our client's expectations, provide enjoyable and quality tour throughout Flores and Komodo Island that while respecting the environment and local culture.

    Every village and every town will present its own uniqueness, we will take you from east of Flores Island Maumere to the west of Flores Island Labuan Bajo and crossing to Komodo Island. We'll start from the village of Moni, you will see the beauty of the three lakes or known as Kelimutu Lake. Each lake has its own brilliant colors it changes throughout the season. The trip continue to the village of Bena in Bajawa, the village is known for its traditional ways ranging from its way of living to the architect of the Bena's home. Ruteng not far from Bena, in this village you will able to enjoy the scenery of one of a kind spider pattern rice field. Just before harvest the breathtaking intense of green color will took you breathless. In 2012, UNESCO honors the village of Wae Rebo with Asia Pacific Award for its effort to preserve the architect of its traditional homes. The Liang Bua is a limestone cave on the Island of Flores, was the site of the 2003 discovery of a potentially new species of homo floresiensis or known as the hobbits?. So far it is the only location in which such remains have been identified. The descendent of the hobbits are still living inside the cave. Before visiting Labuan Bajo, we will stop at one of the freshest waterfall to enjoy some relax time. Crossing to Komodo Island we will able to visit the pink beach, Kanawa Island and Rinca Island to watch the Komodo Dragons in its native habitat. At Pink Beach you will able to enjoy the beauty, peaceful and privacy, these will give you time to relax and forget the burden of your daily routines.

    Through this trip we'll guarantee when you get home, the only thing you want is to come back - to visit us again in Flores. The magnificence of Flores and Komodo Islands are real, and when you leave from Labuan Bajo you'll be re-energize to return to your normal daily routine. May the beauty of Flores and Komodo Islands painted by the Great Painter will always be preserve for the whole world to witness. Our hope when you return to your hometown, you'll be our voice to your family and friends to sound the beauty you observe and off course-enjoy!

    Warm regards from Flores Island

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